Peinado, María Ángeles

Cellular stress and Aging (BIO 118)

Peinado, María Ángeles
Peinado, María Ángeles
Cellular stress and Aging (BIO 118)

Department of Experimental Biology. University of Jaén.

University of Jaén
Edif. B3. Las Lagunillas s/n.
23071 Jaén

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Aging, hypoxia, Ischemia, stroke, neuroregeneration
Brief description of the research:

Our group have been working since the late 90’s, mainly in three research lines, that far to be independent are strongly connected: (i) Cerebral aging (ii) Hypoxia and Ischemia, and (iii) Neuregenerative therapies based on diets with virgin olive oil and its minority components (polyphenols). To develop these lines, we have used different biological reactive such as cellular cultures, animal models and human cohorts, mainly using histological, biochemical and molecular techniques. Using these tools we have analysed possible histological and molecular changes as well as the evolution of the antioxidant and nitric oxide systems in senescence and under hypoxic and ischemic conditions. We also have described the proteomic changes induced by different hypoxic models as well as the role of the protein nitration in such changes. The results of this research have contributed to the cellular and molecular bases of the cerebral aging and hypoxia; in addition, the age-related differences found are of therapeutic interest in the area of personalized medicine. Consequence of this research are about twenty competitive projects achieved, more than one hundred published JCR-articles and books, as well as the collaboration with biotechnology and food companies, like Abbott Group. Today, we are focusing our experience in the nanomedicine area, developing new and more efficient pharmacological stroke therapies.