Montaner, Joan

Neurovascular Research Group

Montaner, Joan
Montaner, Joan
Neurovascular Research Group

Institute de Biomedicine of Seville, IBiS / Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío / CSIC / University of Seville

Department of Neurology
Hospital Universitario Virgen Macarena Avenida Doctor Fedriani, no. 3
41007 Seville

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Stroke, advanced neuroprotection, prevention, cerebral ischemia, stroke risk factors
Brief description of the research:

Our group is a recently formed team. We are focused on translational studies in the field of neurovascular diseases, combining clinical and basic research with preclinical studies to test several neuroprotection strategies. We are trying to identify populations of patients at highest vascular risk to do prevention through nutrition strategies applying an advanced neuroprotection strategy; study the mechanisms of vascular damage at the tiny brain vessel that produce micro-cortical infarcts and at the large stenotic vessel to improve reperfusion injury in stroke. When a stroke occurs, we will try to place the "hospital at home” (using high-tech ambulances, POC, mobile-telemedicine, etc.) and improving aspects of post- ischemic neuroprotection. Our research is also based on clinical multicenter interventional studies focus on prevention of infections after stroke, early administration of bone marrow progenitors, etc.

5 selected publications:
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